NPB 172 Map Formation in the Brain

NPB 172 is an advanced developmental neurobiology course for undergraduate students who are interested in research. Neuronal topographic projection map is a fundamental principle for establishing neural network in the brain. This course builds upon the NPB major core course NPB 100 Neurobiology or NPB110B Neurobiology Foundations. Students taking this course will be familiar with concepts, techniques, and questions in neural circuit formation (axon guidance) in the brain through lectures and paper discussions. This course will provide comprehensive understanding of the current concepts of neuronal map formation in various sensory and/or motor nervous systems. Prerequisite course: NPB 100 or NPB110B.

Next class scheduled: to be determined
Special Note: The scheduled NPB172 in Spring 2019 has just been canceled because Dr. Cheng has to teach a recently added NPB110B in the Spring to accommodate more students for taking this required core course.

“The entire molecular and cellular mechanism of axon guidance is a beautiful love story.” – Hwai-Jong Cheng

2018 Spring Class; Photo Credit: Milana Krush